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Leadership Development in Creating Value


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    Phillip E Sweet


Top 10 Management Acts That Massively Boost Your Career, Life And Your Commercial And Social Contribution


You know how many managers have long hours, high stress, average or poor reputations, unmotivated teams and high frustration? This means less recognition, less promotion, lower salary, lower quality of life for them and their families and much less contribution all round. Well, what this program does is to show you the Top 10 Management Acts that the most effective and successful managers actually do to unleash performance and productivity. This means greater enjoyment at work, higher productivity and rewards, greater contribution, for them, their teams their organization and society as a whole. Sign up now to find out exactly how, step by step, you can transform your success, your career and your contribution.  100% money back guarantee.



Leadership Development in Creating Value : The 12 Golden Acts Of Management



Philip E Sweet

The UK.'S Leading Management Improvement Strategist 




The 12 Golden Acts Of Management provides participating managers with the 12 main interventions they can use to massively improve quality, productivity, performance and social value created by the team or the organisation they lead. The programme value is in the results it creates for the organisation and the track record of achievement it builds for the participant. 


Aims & objectives:

The aim of The 12 Golden Acts Of Management is to enable participating managers to progressively apply their learning in their workplace. The outputs of the programme are real-world measurable results that make a difference to quality, productivity, performance and social value. These results then become part of the delivered track record belonging to the manager.


Learning outcomes:

By the end of The 12 Golden Acts Of Management each participant will have built a track record of delivered measurable results and contribution to the quality, productivity, performance and social value created by the participant's team or organisation.


Indicative content:

Each map explains to a participating manager exactly what to do and how to do it to massively improve performance in the part of the organisation they lead and manage. Each of the 12 interventions is described on an action map, each element of which is carefully talked through in an accompanying video presentation and supported by appropriate audio and written materials for use in the workplace. Over a period of 12 months the participant is invited to collect 12 Golden Act maps each of which would prompt results creating action in their workplace


Recommended study hours:

Study hours will depend on the size and complexity of the team or organisation being managed and the ambient workload of the participant and the ability to organise and take the action required.


Assessment type & criteria

Assessment is created by a careful evaluation of the multilevel return on investment created by the participant. This takes place across six different levels:

  • Wider contribution within and outside the organisation
  • Business impact
  • financial contribution
  • Job impact
  • Personal impact
  • Sustainability

The participant arranges for each of these contribution statements to be validated by the person the participant reports to or their organisation.  Their final total evaluation report builds a picture of track record and contribution as a result of participating in and taking action on each of The 12 Golden Acts Of Management by the participant over 12 months.  This then becomes the focus for certification by CCEG


Additional features:

The 12 Golden Acts Of Management maps with their associated support materials are collected over a 12 month period - released to participants at a rate of one every 30 days.  By the end of 12 months participants will have been able to systematically work through each main area of the operation they manage and apply each of the The 12 Golden Acts Of Management as needed to create improved quality, productivity, performance and social value.



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Leadership Development in Creating Value


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