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Ebola Awareness




Introducing Marcel Salathé: 

Marcel Salathé is an assistant professor at the Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics (CIDD) at Penn State University. He has led the development of the world’s most highly ranked scientific MOOC: Epidemics, the Dynamics of Infectious Diseases. His research focuses on disease dynamics in populations, and on using novel data sources such as social media to understand people’s behaviors in the face of infectious disease threats.


This course is an open forum to raise Ebola Awareness


Ebola virus is one of at least 30 known viruses capable of causing viral hemorrhagic fever syndrome. The genus Ebolavirus is currently classified into 5 separate species: Sudan ebolavirus, Zaire ebolavirus, Tai Forest (Ivory Coast) ebolavirus, Reston ebolavirus, and Bundibugyo ebolavirus.

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Ebola Awareness


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